[Stopping note 03.15]

The very first time I did something that was in the vicinity of psychotherapy, stuff just came pouring out. Partially because I have good access, mostly because I had things building up inside for very, very long.

When I started this blog I had the same experience – I was overwhelmed with the things that were screaming at me to be written -, which is why I put out 28 posts in 28 days.

I then kept, for the past 3 months, squeezing the very last drops. This total effort amounted to a novel-like length, maybe.

During the time from the beginning of the blog until now I followed the maxim of writing about what was exciting me the most at the moment, and that if something wouldn’t excite me I wouldn’t write about it. And right now nothing excites me enough to write about. I still have tons of stuff that I need to talk about, mind you, – 100 notes on evernote and counting, each being an essay at some level of development. But I need time. The current ideas are not mature enough, are not yet screaming at me to be written.

And so I’m stopping writing this blog for an indeterminate amount of time.  

What I *expect* to happen is to update it seldomly, and then come back – in 6 months or so -, disown a bunch of what I wrote before, develop what I don’t disown, and put out new stuff over a feverish month or two.


Until then, dear reader. I’ll miss this.



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