Unlocking effortless planning

Pithy: I had an update such that now I can pay attention to my very smallest most micro plans, causing them to update. This causes recursive update up the chain because large plans are just built from many micro-plans.

There’s two attractors in ‘interacting with your own plans’ space:

Either (1) you can look at your plans which affords improving them which nets you a ‘future present’ with more resources which in turn allow you to the resources to look at your future present’s plan, in a self-reinforcing loop; or (2) you can’t look at them, and do not look at them, and they don’t improve. This nets you a worse ‘future present’ via resource waste leading to low-resources causing low ability to look at plans in a self-reinforcing loop.

After spending a long time in the first attractor it will SUCK to move to the second one: your plans will be laughably, painfully, and shamefully bad and will crumble as soon as you lay attention on them. This will both feel very bad in the moment and very good within a second: plans crumbling will feel bad, moving to a better plan will feel good. As a nice bonus your mind will tighten as parts integrate theirs plans into one true master plan.

This is exactly what I’m going through right now: being, for the first time since forever, able to reveal my plans to myself with the attendant bad feelings BUT ALSO the knowledge of the fact that it will lead me to better plans. Like, it’s a process that makes everything better, for me and everyone else, endlessly, forever.

So, now I’ve been having the experience of seeing my bad plan, like the plan of waiting to go to the toilet only when I already feel bad, or the plan of suffering through family vacations, or the plan of never being content with my social situation, or the (old?) plan of waiting.

It really feels like plans are coming into the purview of my power (the first effortlessly updated upon attention).

A very EXCITING part about this is that large life-plans are recursively made of many small plans: if I can start paying attention to those then iteratively the improvements will go up the chain. It’s like… starting to exercise power in your environment, bit by bit, starting really small. Moving this cup over because you’d prefer it there. Taking a drink of water because you’re thirsty. Making your bed. Changing the living room arrangement. Paying constant attention to how things could be better (for you, for everyone) and *acting on that*. I think these two are one and the same: my micro-plans for my environment are better and I act on them, and all others follow these, fractally, recursively.

Which begs the question of what *makes* for a plan improvement? I think it’s turning magic into a causal mechanism. Turning a magical plan into a mechanistic one.

Happily, joyously, turning magic into causal mechanisms uses the same ‘making distinctions’ skill I already have: it is, at least partially, about entering an undistinct area and making distinctions in it turning the magical into the causal. This is strictly within the bounds of my current ability. Which means — I think! I hope — that now (1) the area of plans is open (I can pay attention to them) and (2) I have the necessary powers to set off a core procedure there.

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