Aliefology and Beliefology

We have talked about weird effects that occur in what I called Social Descriptive Epistemology. I want to get a more precise description of what it is that we are studying. To that purpose in this essay I introduce and explain aliefology and beliefology and speculate about future avenues for investigation and how to use […]

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Societal Map Corruption

In this essay I criticize part of Pinker’s model of societal change. I leave my criticism implicit, since making it explicit – if it is correct – would be potentially (very) problematic. Prerequisites We have spoken before about how definitions matter and that disputes about definitions are about power hungry strategic actors wanting to influence […]

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Modelling map aggregation

In theories as maps, theories as engines I touched upon the complex relationship between map and territory where “MAP(S) ARE THE TERRITORY BEING MAPPED”. A trivial version of this mapping is done all the time. It is theory of mind, the ability to attribute mental states — beliefs, intents, desires, pretending, knowledge, etc. — to […]

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Considerations on heuristics for Map-making: Your naive reasoning mechanisms suck   

In this essay I argue for the Deserved Persuasiveness heuristic (or “Why it’s a bad idea to form your own opinions”). I being by suggesting a model through which to think about beliefs and belief-structures. I then go over the Naturalistic Decision Making Data/Frame theory of sensemaking. I end by putting the two models together […]

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