As time has passed a few motifs have insinuated themselves. The main idea is that I sense that I find myself at the intersection of various Venn diagrams and thus am quite alone, with all the promises and loneliness that brings. And so I explore the scenery around, touching as fast as I can and getting something just good enough to work with so that I can keep going until I find some mountain that will give me a better view. I have called these explorations “experimental thinking”. Below I described 5 motifs I particularly like – Map making, Dissident rationality, After Rationality, Worldview Building, Communication/Discourse.

(This list is up to date – 12/22/2014)

Map making

Here I take the study of mapping the world one step forward. The idea of world mapping is natural to a camp of people who are naturally blind to various social reality phenomena – like perverse hidden social incentives, or things that are true by virtue of people believing in them.

A necessary introduction is Theories as Cameras, Theories as Engines and Modelling map aggregation  in which I go over how aggregated maps create realities to be mapped and Aliefology and Beliefology where I divide mappings of social reality over a 2×2 matrix – belief/alief and individual/societal.

The rest of the essays can be more or less neatly divided over understanding properties of the territory vs properties of the map maker.


Properties of the mapmaker

Properties of the territory

Dissident rationality

I used to eat up everything on LessWrong, or as some would say I agreed to the party line. I think this is necessary, but as I started exploring I found more and more criticism, all of the following are criticising rationality in some aspect of the LW sort and of a broader sort.

After rationality

Criticising leaves one knowing what doesn’t work, but not what does work. I have tried to look at points from which to expand rationality. I have called this Transcending rationality, Transrationality, and post-rationality, and am happy with neither. Developmental views and rationality suggests a framework to think about this question, and What comes after rationality? Adventure! is my first attempt to answer this question.

Worldview building 

The project of building a framework that account for rationality and beyond it is very similar to the attempt of building an encompassing worldview. This is something I have studied, both attempting to build a worldview (“Reaching for Yellow”) and discovering how to build worldviews (“Harvesting Lovecraftian Monsters”)

Communication/Discourse (how to)

The stuff I write about is hard to grasp, hard to think about and harder to explain. It naturally follows that I would think about how to communicate it, or why I’m failing to do so. These essays cover that.

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